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An intuitive reading tells a story. Palmistry offers plot, tarot provides the characters, and numerology points to the clues.  Together, they can unlock the mysteries of your life story and its purpose.  They provide answers.


The ancient tradition of palmistry, for example, holds that every part of your journey has its place on your hand. Tales of your struggles and victories can all be seen.

The reading experience is a safe space to explore your dreams, hopes, and regrets without judgment.

From the moment of gestation, your hands are imprinted with clues to the mystery that is you. As you learn and grow, your hands are the connection between your mind and the world around you. They are the tools that you use to navigate the world and create your life.  Tarot gives images to the invisible energy surrounding us.  Runes and numerology provide definitives.

Your life is bigger, more interesting and meaningful then you may have ever imagined.

It would be an honor to read for you and show you the beautiful, epic story of your life.  A reading provides answers.  It eases regrets and gives you confidence to face the future.  A reading reveals how you can be victorious over life challenges.  Your session will be a positive space to explore your dreams, hopes, and fears without judgment.

palmist, tarot reader, intuitive LR Wren Woodson, asheville
LR 'Wren' Woodson, Palmist

Palm & Tarot Readings

Online Intuitive Reader LR Woodson also offers In Person Readings in Denver Co and Asheville NC
Life Readings

The full reading experience. These in person readings are relaxed sessions that include tarot, palmistry and numerology. We'll meet at your favorite coffee shop or at your home, if you prefer. Readings typically last 90 minutes. This choice offers ample time to fully explore life issues.

Online Intuitive Reader LR Woodson offers shorter query sessions by phone or online.
Query Readings

Always on the go? Query readings are a perfect way to delve into a pressing question. This type of reading may be completed by phone or online. These brief sessions work well when unexpected situations arise that require clarification. Readings typically last 20-25 minutes.

Online Intuitive Reader LR Woodson offers in-depth online tarot sessions via Skype.
Online Readings

Not quite as extensive as an in person reading, but more involved than a query reading, online readings may be done via chat or video, as you prefer. These sessions include tarot and numerology.  Sessions generally last 45 minutes, giving you more time to discuss complex concerns.

No matter how difficult your circumstances are, there is the possibility for joy.

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Parties & Event Reader - Small or Large Groups

Looking For A Unique Event Idea?


Leave the ordinary behind and offer your friends an experience they won't soon forget. Reading parties are perfect for groups of 8 to 12. Each guest receives a palm or tarot reading lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Simply provide a quiet room with two chairs and a table. If you like, I'll kick off your event by speaking to your guests as a group about the mysteries of the tarot and palmistry and then give readings to each person privately. Afterwards I'll be happy to stay and mingle with your guests, answering any questions they may have.


I've had over ten years experience giving short readings at large corporate and social functions. I can work from a stationary location, or can walk around the room, engaging your guests with short readings. This type of reading is all about entertainment and creating the “wow factor”. I’ll even throw in a few other “magical” surprises to keep your guests thoroughly enthralled. It's fun for your guests, generates conversation, and adds an additional layer of festivity to your event.

About L.R. Woodson, M.A., C.Ht.

For over twenty years, I have been offering intuitive guidance and helping my clients negotiate the rough times of their lives, while finding the courage to reach for their dreams. Then, in 2005, I quit my day job working as a financial advisor to offer my services as an intuitive reader full-time and never looked back.

In addition to having been a regular tarot and palm reader at both Cornerstone Books and Spirit Wise Gifts in Denver, I've also been the house palm reader at Adam's Mystery Playhouse for over a decade.  Where I provide concise and meaningful readings in a high energy atmosphere every weekend.

I also hold a master’s degree in Conflict Management and Resolution from Regis University. This supports my work as an advisor. Many of the issues my clients are concerned about arise from interpersonal conflict. Intuition is a strong element in negotiating these conflicts successfully.

Pleased to now call Asheville home, I offer readings throughout the local Western North Carolina area.

When I quit my financial analyst job my friends and family thought I was crazy. But this is where I belong–helping others navigate life's challenges and find their direction and purpose.

Whatever the tool–tarot, palmistry or runes–the energy around us is constantly shifting.  True intuitive readings are not 'fortune-telling'.  They work to reveal the underlying direction that events are taking in your life, and offer the best ways to work with those energies to successfully navigate them. You have choices and you effect everything that happens in your life.  

It would be my privilege to help you reconnect with your journey's guiding light and your unique purpose of being.

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